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LBM poster

What we Did :
  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Corporate Identity
  • Poster Design
Project Summary:

lifebeyondmotherhood.com is headed by Namrataa Arora, a lifer coach specializing in coaching- Maternity,Work Life,Balance Mid-life Career Transition.LBM approached Poogle Media to do creative logo design that  communicated their vision.The creative design phase involved in creating illustration and crafting a story.The logo denotes a mother, rooted to the ground, lovingly holding a baby in her hand, breaking away from the shackles that bind her and restrain her, wanting to fly away, still holding the baby in her hand. That is the Lbm vision – to help women find their own wings, for them to fly, while continuing to be a loving mother. The wings could be found by continuing in current job or by starting a new venture or by starting something completely new. At Poogle. we support empowerment and but in the best creative minds to design for Women entrepreneurs.

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