What We Did
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Icon design
  • Graphic Design
Project Summary :

A Bangalore based Birdwing Travel and Photography as the name itself may suggest, is a premium travel company. With that said, they have a vision to provide clients with premium travel at affordable prices. Birdwing have a very aspirational three part mission statement that defines their north star as a company -1) Showcase the beauty of the environment and culture around us. 2)Run a sustainable business that outlasts the founders 
3) Advocate passionately for environmental justice. Headed by Kesavamurthy, probably one of the most versatile photographers you’ll meet, whose interests in the craft span across street, landscapes, sports, portraits,weddings, wildlife and macro.macro. Poogle media were approached by this versatile company to do stunning and striking logo that matches their mission and vision.The creative design process took off by researching on various butterflies and their colours. Poogle design a logo blending the colour tones and created iconic butterfly wings and pinning it up to the camera and lens

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